Tommy Chang

Martial artist instructor with the soul of a dragon inside.


+4 Fists, Athletics
+3 Endurance, Discipline
+2 Lore, Empathy, Might
+1 Conviction, Presence, Stealth, Contacts, Resources

Stunts and Powers (Total -6)

- 1 Marked by Power
- 2 Inhuman Strength
- 1 Martial Artist
- 1 Calm Blue Ocean


Chang Tsien “aka” Tommy Chang “Dragon Souled Martial Artist”

Trouble Aspect: “Trouble with the Triads”

Phase One: Tommy spent his formative years in Hong Kong. Since his mother was the house keeper for a wealthy British businessman, he was afforded a comfortable enough childhood, along with his brother and two sisters. This would have ended if they had stayed when the Chinese Government took control of Hong Kong. However, his mother’s patron offered them a new life in a new country, if they would have it. The entire family, including two cousins and Tommy’s grandfather, moved to London.

Aspect: “Chinese Heritage”

Phase Two: After settling in London’s Chinatown, life got a little rougher for the family. Their businessman patron, after losing hold of some of his interests in Hong Kong, wasn’t able to pay as much for housekeeping. But the family got by. Eventually, his family became centers of the community, with his father opening a grocery store, and his grandfather opening a curio shop. As such, this brought them into conflict with the local criminal interests. While stopping his father’s store from being robbed, he puts a up and coming gang member in the hospital with one punch, scaring the hell out of him until his grandfather explains the truth about his heritage.

Aspect: “Don’t Know my Own Strength”

Phase Three: Fight Night

Every 13 years, the underground magical community of London hosts a no holds bared fighting tournament for cash, and more importantly, bragging rights. When Tommy hears about it, it’s nothing more then a curiosity, until, of course, agents unknown blackmail him into entering. This would be no problem for the Dragon Spirited Warrior, until he finds out that some of the friends he makes along the way are disappearing after they lose. Then, things get really interesting.

Aspect: “I’ve Got a Reputation to Uphold”

Phase Four

Twice Removed – Starring Aaron Smyth
Co-starring: Tommy Chang
Tommy has made a habit of making the Triads annoyed at him, so when Aaron needs a distraction to get in to their headquarters, Tommy is more then happy to provide it by kicking in their front door.

Aspect: “Kick in the Door”

Phase Five

Pub Crawling – Starring Jekyll Sylvester
Co-starring: Tommy Chang
Tommy stops in for a drink, and almost ends up impaled by sword that has fallen off a wall. He then borrows an item from his Grandfather’s shop to dampen down the curse for a time.

Tommy Chang

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