Radiant Sun Center

The Radiant Sun Center is a combination gym and mixed martial arts dojo dedicated to helping people of all walks of life better themselves both mentally and physically. Paid for though anonymous donations, it features a workout room, several class rooms used by the various teachers, various side rooms and a small indoor meditation garden. It is unusual as it has teachers from a wide variety of disciplines. Some of the teachers include:

Tommy Chang; Teaches Shaolin Long Wushu (Dragon Style Kung Fu) and a few beginner and youth classes.

Samantha McManus; Teaches Taekwondo as well as Women’s Self Defense classes. Samantha was a hopeful for the 2000 British Taekwondo Olympic Team.

Jimmy Nahuina; Teaches Jeet Kune Do, as well as frequently acting as the “bad guy” in Samantha’s Defense classes. Also is an Eskrima master, but currently does not teach any classes in it.

Anila Mhasalkar; Yoga instructor. She briefly studied Muay Thai, but does not consider herself proficient at it.

Daniel Moshe; Teaches Krav Maga

Quentin Nattier; Teaches Savate, as well as a youth fencing class.

Anila and Danial are both clued in to some of the supernatural goings on in and around London (Anila because Tommy and his Grandfather helped banish a Rakshasa from haunting her family, and Daniel is a frequent patron of the Pickled Pixie, although no one is sure why).

Radiant Sun Center

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