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Dresden Files – London

Themes and Threats

Gloomy Weather
London’s fog is perhaps the most famous weather in the world. When it isn’t foggy, it’s invariably raining, snowing or sleeting.

Weight of History
As one of the oldest cities in the world and capital of what was once a planet-wide empire, London is filled to the brim with history. The ages of tears and joy and sweat and blood have etched themselves into the very bones of the city.

Ascalon Revealed
Rumors are flying that Ascalon, the legendary dragon-slaying spear of Saint George, is currently in London. This has caused considerable in-fighting and intrigue between various factions in London, such as the Triad, the Winter Court, the White Council and the Dragonsbane (the Order of Saint George), as each wants the artifact for their own purposes.




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